MCTC Strategic Plan 2005-2010

Minneapolis Community and Technical College will be an institution that transforms its community by educating students who are globally aware, engaged citizens, skillful at their work, and lifelong learners.

  Minneapolis Community and Technical College makes 
  individual dreams achievable by providing access to
  learning opportunities that prepare students to live
  and work in a democratic society within
  a global community.

  The college fulfills this mission through:

  • General education
  • Liberal education
  • Technical education
  • Baccalaureate transfer education
  • Workforce development
  • Developmental education
  • English language learning
  • Continuing education
  • We respect and utilize the multiple perspectives of a diverse population.
  • We maintain high expectations for student and organizational achievement.
  • We continuously improve student learning, instructional programs, and college services.
  • We support institutional innovation and responsible risk-taking.
  • We cultivate partnerships that leverage resources and energy to improve the community.
  • We expect ethical and professional conduct

Strategic Directions

1. Increase Student Success

Goal 1.1 Improve retention, transfer, and graduation rates

Goal 1.2 Demonstrate student learning in all programs and the general education curriculum

Goal 1.3 Increase participation of under-served students, particularly Chicano/Latino and American Indian students

Goal 1.4 Broaden and expand P-16 partnerships to improve high school students' readiness for college

2. Expand High Quality Learning Programs and Services

Goal 2.1 Expand technical programs in emerging fields and growing industries

Goal 2.2 Engage students in civic life

Goal 2.3 Create compelling learning environments that include the use of new technologies and active learning

Goal 2.4 Promote exemplary services and student development programs that include the use of technology

3. Strengthen Community Development and Economic Vitality

Goal 3.1 Match the education and employment needs of individuals to the requirements of business and community employers

Goal 3.2 Contribute to the social, economic, and cultural vitality of the community through partnerships and the leveraging of external resources

4. Strengthen the College’s Infrastructure

Goal 4.1 Create a positive work environment designed to develop and empower a diverse workforce

Goal 4.2 Expand and effectively utilize financial, physical and technological resources to meet institutional goals  and improve services.